Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Trinity and her Buddy Bench!

A message from your friends at the Connecticut Public Affairs Network...

Hello everyone! You probably remember our August blog post about some of the awesome schools and organizations who have worked together to bring Buddy Benches to local playgrounds. Putting a Buddy Bench in your school or park’s playground is just one of the really cool things you can do with your friends or classmates to spread kindness! But you don’t need a big group of people to get a Buddy Bench in your town. Our friend Trinity, a six-year-old from Grayling, Michigan, worked with her family and community to bring a Buddy Bench to her school’s playground!
Last year, Trinity’s school had week-long campaign against bullying. Afterwards, she started thinking about ways she could spread kindness to her friends and classmates. The subject of bullying came up again in her karate class, and Trinity decided that bringing a Buddy Bench to her school could be a great way to encourage others to be kind!

Trinity and her mom worked with her teacher and principal to get their support for the Buddy Bench, and then they set out to start fundraising! Trinity’s mom and karate teacher got the word out on Facebook, while Trinity and her grandmother collected soda cans and bottles. Her karate dojo and her grandmother’s co-workers at the local Post Office donated cans as well, and pretty soon she had raised $500 – enough money to have the Buddy Bench built at her school’s playground!

The Buddy Bench wasn’t the only act of kindness Trinity worked on this summer! She also made “Survival Kits” for her local police and fire departments, as well as her teacher. The survival kits included a poem and candy to encourage their recipients to have a great year! A big shout-out to Trinity for her multiple acts of kindness this summer and congratulations on being featured on the Girl Scouts of the United States of America's Facebook page!

What can you do to spread kindness? Maybe you can make survival kits for your teachers, police officers, firefighters, or medical first responders in your town! Or, if you want to get a Buddy bench for your school or park, you can use the resources listed here to get started.