Friday, August 5, 2016

Bring a "Buddy Bench" to your school or community playground!

Hi everyone, it's Elena here again!! In today's blog post I will be talking all about Buddy Benches and my platform goal of getting 10 schools or communities to bring Buddy Benches to their local playgrounds or parks!! 

So a Buddy Bench is a bench that is out at a school playground or local park and it says "Buddy Bench" on it. When somebody doesn't have anyone to play with they can go sit on that bench and another person goes up to them and says "Hey, why don't you come play with me?" Saying that simple thing gives that person someone to play with and can change their whole day!! Watch my latest video below or HERE to learn more about Buddy Benches!

Now this whole Buddy Bench idea was not my idea - it was started by a superstar kid named Christian Bucks and his principal!! I want to give a huge shout out to him!! Check out his website to learn more about him and the story of Buddy Benches!

As I mentioned in the video, there are a few ways you can bring a buddy bench at your school or local playground. You can:
  • Paint a bench that is already there and put the words "Buddy Bench" on it!! 
  • Find a person or group to build a new Buddy Bench!!
  • Buy a custom Buddy Bench online!
There are many ways to raise money for a Buddy Bench! You can have a school fundraiser, contact a community or civic group in your town, or even contact your local Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts about building a bench!! My friends at the Connecticut Public Affairs Network have created a handy Buddy Bench Planning Worksheet available HERE to help you plan your project.

Will you be one of the 10 schools that commits to bringing a Buddy Bench to their community?? I hope you consider it! And if you do please contact me at and you will for sure get a shout out in my next blog post - I want to know who's excited to start a Buddy Bench project!

Special shout-outs to Pleasant Valley Elementary School in South Windsor and Reynolds School in Newington who are bringing Buddy Benches to their schools, and the East Hartford Rotary Club who is buying 11 Buddy Benches for our local East Hartford schools!! 

If we work together, we can make Connecticut kinder through Buddy Benches!

For more information about my platform and the Connecticut’s Kid Governor, please visit I will talk to you later – bye!

- Elena