Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Get involved in national kindness movements!

A message from your friends at the Connecticut Public Affairs Network...

Hi again everyone! Today on Kindness is Kool we want to talk about joining kindness movements!

We all know how big of an impact a single act of kindness can make. No matter how small they may seem, individual acts of kindness can make a huge impact on the people around us! Each of us can make the world a little bit better by being kind every day. That’s one of the best things about kindness: it’s something that everyone can do on their own!

But kindness can also be a team sport! By joining larger kindness movements or partnering with other kind people, we can make an even bigger impact than we could on our own. Best of all, joining a kindness movement doesn’t have to be hard! Have you participated in one of Elena’s Kindness Days? Have you made a Kindness Hand for #HandsOfKindness? Have you worked with a class or group to get a Buddy Bench at your school or in your town? These are all part of CKG Elena’s Campaign for Kindness, which is a kindness movement! Even by just visiting this blog and learning about Elena’s campaign, you’re taking part in a kindness movement!

CKG Elena wearing her Kind Campaign tshirt that says "You Can Sit With Us #KindCampaign"

There are some great kindness movements out there. Take a look at this list of some our favorites, and think about joining one (or more)!

  • Started in 2002 in Tucson, Arizona, Ben’s Bells spreads kindness through teamwork and crafts! Volunteers visit a Ben’s Bells studio and work in teams to make wind-chimes with painted beads and flowers. Volunteers give the bells to people in their community who have done something kind for others! Other bells are placed around town with notes to take them and pass the kindness along to more people. But you don’t have to visit Arizona to participate – a Ben’s Bells studio opened in Bethel, CT in 2013! Or you could join Ben’s Bell’s Kind Campus program, and your class will receive cool kindness materials and activities. Best of all, the program is free!
  • Kind Campaign was founded in 2009 by two students at Pepperdine University who wanted to stop girl-on-girl bullying in schools. The campaign has reached thousands of people, encouraging students to be more kind and supportive to one another. You can become involved by signing up to be a Kind Ambassador, going online and writing a Kind Card to someone you know, or by putting together a free Kind Campaign assembly for your school! CKG Elena even recently found a Kind Campaign shirt at Kohl’s! (see photo of Elena above)
  • You can even join a virtual kindness community by joining the Fluent in Kindness movement! By signing up for their email list, liking them on Facebook, or following them on Twitter, you’ll get tips on ways to spread kindness, as well as kindness-based quotes and stories from around the world. You can also share your own acts of kindness to inspire others to do the same!

Will you join one of these kindness movements? Will you inspire others to be kind? Let us know! Email to let Elena know what you are doing to be kind to others and you will get a shout-out in her next blog post!