Friday, October 14, 2016

Pleasant Valley School in South Windsor installs their Buddy Bench!

A message from your friends at the Connecticut Public Affairs Network...

Hello everyone! By now you have probably heard about Elena’s three-point plan to promote kindness. One of the goals of her platform as Connecticut’s Kid Governor has been to have 10 Buddy Benches installed at local schools. So far, 14 schools have received Buddy Benches as a direct result of Elena’s Campaign for Kindness! The following message comes from Principal Tiffany Caouette from Pleasant Valley Elementary School in South Windsor, whose students were inspired by Elena’s call to action: 

During the 2015-2016 school year, a group of six students from Pleasant Valley attended the Connecticut Association of Schools' (CAS) Student Leadership Conference at Asnuntuck Community College. While there, students heard Connecticut’s Kid Governor, Elena Tipton, speak. Elena had stated that her goal was to have ten buddy benches installed throughout the state. Students were so impressed by her message of kindness that they returned to the school and requested a meeting with Principal Tiffany Caouette that day. They decided immediately to return to the Student Council body and suggest that the fifth grade class gift to the school be a Buddy Bench. At the next Student Council meeting, the six students made their proposal; it was well received by the Student Council and subsequently the entire fifth grade class. 

Top: Elena speaks to her constituents at the CAS Conference.
Bottom: Pleasant Valley Elementary School students use their new Buddy Bench this past September!

Additionally, students heard Elena's message of the 13th of every month being a Kindness Day, and that was instituted at Pleasant Valley for the remainder of the year as well.

Buddy Benches are a great way to bring more kindness to your school! The benches give students a place to sit at recess if they need a buddy to play with, which can lead to new friendships. Are you interested in bringing a Buddy Bench to your school? Check out these cool resources to see how you can make it happen!

Listen to Elena's remarks at the CAS Conference that inspired the 5th graders at Pleasant Valley!