Monday, April 10, 2017

It's Not a Prank, it's April Kindness Day!!

Hi friends!!! Can you believe it's already April?!!!!! I want to know what you all are doing to be kind so email me at!! 

This month two Buddy Benches were installed at Pleasant Valley School in South Windsor! Yay!! To read more about how Pleasant Valley supported my Campaign for Kindness by bringing Buddy Benches to their school, click HERE!

Here are my ten kindness suggestions for this month!!!
  1. Give ten compliments in one day! 
  2. Offer a free tutor session to a younger student!! 
  3. Make a card for your teachers!! 
  4. Write little letters and hide them around the house for someone to find!! 
  5. Hold the door open for people!! 
  6. Help someone carry their backpack! 
  7. Create a list of ten compliments and see how many times you can repeat the list! 
  8. Help your mom or dad do chores around the house!! 
  9. Write a list of all the amazing things about someone and give it to them!! 
  10. Make a special treat for your family and friends. 
Helping younger students during my Summer Library Circuit visit to the New Haven Free Public Library!

Those are my ten suggestions for April! I'll talk to you again next month!! 

Happy Kindness Day!!