Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What did you do for March Kindness Day??

Hi friends!!! Can you believe it's already March??!!! What did you do to be kind on Kindness Day, March 13??

Here are my ten suggestions for ways you can be kind the rest of this month!

  1. Help your teacher after school 
  2. Help someone who is shy come out of their bubble
  3. Take a few minutes to send postcards to children who are sick in the hospital
  4. See if your library needs any help 
  5. Donate some of your old books to those in need
  6. Let someone know they mean a lot to you and that they are amazing!
  7. Try saying twenty compliments in one day 
  8. Create cards for your teachers 
  9. Create a holiday for someone you love 
  10. Help a friend with their homework!!                                 

Selfie with United States Teacher of the Year Ms. Hayes (from Waterbury) and CT Council for the Social Studies President Mr. Bosso (from Berlin) in October. Teachers rock, be kind to your teachers this month!

I have one shout-out this month and it's for Aniya!! Great job being kind by helping your middle school teacher after school and helping with the girls basketball team!!

How are you being kind to others? Do you have a suggestion for my April list of suggestions? Email me at to tell me!

Be kind this March! Talk to you next month!!

- Elena