Thursday, September 8, 2016

Get ready for Kindness Day on September 13!

Hi friends, it's Elena here with another blog post!! 

I once again have ten kindness suggestions for this month's Kindness Day on September 13. I will focus on doing acts of kindness at school because I know many of you are back at school!
  1. If you see someone sitting alone, invite them to come sit next to you or go sit with them!!!! 
  2. Make your teacher a card telling them some things about you and how you can't wait to be in their class!! 
  3. Bake your teacher or bus driver or even your class some baked goods! 
  4. Bring a card to your bus driver telling him or her "thank you" for driving you!! 
  5. Donate one of your old books to your classroom!! 
  6. See if your school librarian needs any help shelving books!! 
  7. If someone drops something go pick it up for them!! 
  8. Compliment someone's outfit or hair or shoes!! 
  9. Start a game on the playground and invite everyone to play!! 
  10. Help someone up if they fall!! 
So these are the kindness suggestions for the month!!

Me talking with kids at the New Haven Public Library about my campaign for kindness during my Summer Library Circuit!

Also remember to write down your act of kindness for Kindness Day on a paper hand - or your own hand! - and share it through social media using #HandsofKindness. This will share my campaign for kindness with lots of people!

This month I would like to give a shout out to my grandmothers Fene and Mema!! Good job being kind!! And also shout out to Ms. Joyce Lesich from the Kiwanis of Charlottesville Virginia!! Thank you for that kind email!! 

That's all for this month talk to you next month bye!!!!!!

- Elena