Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Statewide Election for the 2018 Kid Governor is underway!

The 2017 Statewide Election for the 2018 Connecticut’s Kid Governor is underway!

After receiving a record-breaking number of nominees this year, seven students were selected to be this year’s Statewide Election Candidates. These students were nominated by the 5th graders in their schools and now it is YOUR turn to decide who will be the next Kid Governor!

Each candidate has created a campaign video outlining why he or she wants to be Connecticut’s Kid Governor; what leadership qualities he/she has; what community issue is important to him or her and way; and a three-point plan outlining ways for Connecticut’s 5th graders to make a difference around that issue.

We are pleased to announce that the candidates for the 2017 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Statewide Election are: 

A’aliyah: Bullying
Dillon: Bullying
Gwyn: Child Poverty
Liliana: Making the Elderly Feel Valued
Madison: Kindness
Megan: Cancer
Nathaniel: Eliminating Styrofoam Trays

You can watch the candidates’ campaign videos here.

Good luck to all of the Connecticut’s Kid Governor candidates! Polls close on Tuesday, November 14 at 5:00pm. Look for the announcement of the next Kid Governor soon!