Thursday, November 30, 2017

2018 Connecticut's Kid Governor-Elect Megan Kasperowski

On Tuesday, November 21, 5th Graders across Connecticut found out who will serve as the next Connecticut's Kid Governor. With 6,100 registered voters and seven candidates, students elected Megan Kasperowski of Portland to be the 2018 Connecticut's Kid Governor. Megan ran on a campaign to raise awareness about Cancer, saying Tuesday that she thinks it is a "huge issue in our community and that people are dying too often from this terrible disease. I want to help those suffering with cancer and make their days happier.”

Megan will be the third Connecticut's Kid Governor, succeeding Jessica Brocksom of Milford. Megan will be inaugurated in January at a ceremony at Connecticut's Old State House. 

You can check out the Connecticut's Kid Governor website for updates and more information about Megan's term.

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Megan's campaign video about cancer awareness.