Saturday, September 9, 2017

Being Kind to Animals on September Kindness Day!

Hi friends, Happy Kindness Day!

This month I am talking about ways to be kind to animals! The 2017 Connecticut's Kid Governor Jessica Brocksom's platform is all about helping animals. So I want to help her get her point across. Earlier this month I visited Jessica's office at Connecticut's Old State House and looked at what people had said that they can do to help animals. I want to share my favorite ten of them with you!
Ta-Da! From the first CT Kid Governor to the next!
  1. I can make an effort not to leave my pet at home for too long.- unnamed
  2. I can make an effort to not leave my trash outside because I know it can hurt animals.- Grace
  3. I can treat my pet like family. - Jayla
  4. I can respect animals. - Daniel
  5. I can make an effort to play with my animal everyday. - Ashie
  6. I can do a can and bottle drive to raise money for animals. - Julia
  7. I can treat animals that way I want to be treated. - Leah
  8. I can learn about animals to keep them healthy. - Sarah
  9. I can give my time at a local animal shelter. - Chelsey
  10. I can put a container of water on the street on a hot day to help stray cats and dogs. -Camila
I hope you enjoyed this month's blog post!

I'd love to hear about ways that you're being kind to animals or what your kindness suggestions are! Email me at

Talk to you next month!