Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back to School Tips for August Kindness Day!

Hello friends, it's Kindness Day again! This month since everyone is beginning to go back to school, here are some back to school inspired kind acts!

Give advice to younger students!  
  1. Donate some school supplies to your school or a school in need
  2. Give some advice to your previous grade level students 
  3. Help out your previous teacher with setting up their room 
  4. Bring in a box of tissues for the classroom on your first day of school 
  5. Bring in some pencils for your class
  6. Donate some books to your class 
  7. Make a “get to know me” card for your new teacher explaining all of the reasons you are so excited that they’re your teacher 
  8. Write little letters for your new classmates about something you are looking forward to doing this year 
  9. Pick a new classmate and get to know them 
  10. If you have a student new to your school in your class make them feel welcome! 
I hope you enjoyed my kindness suggestions this month! As always, I’d love to hear your kindness suggestions too!  Email me at Talk to you next month!

- Elena