Friday, May 12, 2017

It's Time for May Kindness Day!!

Hello friends! It's another Kindness Day!! That means it's time to celebrate the good in people! If you know somebody who is awesome at being kind, email me at so we can recognize them for their kindness!!

Here are my 10 suggestions for acts of kindness on May 13!
1. Let someone go in front of you at the store!
2. Help someone with their homework!!
3. See if your teachers need help during lunch!!
4. Offer to carry someone's books to class!!
5. Ask "How are you doing?" to someone in the hallway!
6. At school, say "hi" to five students you don't know!
7. Help a family member clean their room!!
8. See if your neighbors need any help with outdoor work!!
9. Offer to help your parents garden!!
10. See if your parents need help with any yard work!

Writing a card for someone is another great way to show some kindness!

I have one shout out this month -- thank you to my grandmas for ALL of their acts of kindness!!

Happy Kindness Day!!

- Elena