Monday, February 13, 2017

It's February Kindness Day!

Hello friends, it's Kindness Day once again!! Who's exited?! Also, this is my birthday month, yay!!

So I have ten suggestions this month!!
  1. Give a homemade Valentine to someone who really needs it!! 
  2. Give your parents an extra special homemade coupon book!! 
  3. Shovel the driveway. 
  4. Get the mail!! 
  5. Help a friend in need. 
  6. Make a homemade Valentine for your librarian!! 
  7. Offer your apple to someone who needs it at lunch!! 
  8. Buy someone a special treat!
  9. Donate some of your old clothes to a homeless shelter!! 
  10. Let your teacher know how much they mean to you. 
No shout outs this month, but just because there is a new Connecticut’s Kid Governor does not mean you can't email me anymore, so next month let’s get five shout outs!! Email me at!! 

Happy Kindness Day!!

- Elena