Thursday, January 12, 2017

The first Kindness Day of 2017!

Hi friends, it's Elena. Can you believe it’s already the first Kindness Day of 2017?! January 13th is tomorrow! Don’t forget to email me at about what you have done this month to be kind. This month, I made cards for the lunch ladies, security guards, and the custodians at my school with the help of my friend Zora. Thanks Zora!! 

So here are the ten suggestions!
  1. Make you lunch ladies cards 
  2. Write someone a secret letter everyday!
  3. Hold a door open for someone
  4. Give a friendly smile everyday 
  5. Make a New Year's resolution focused on kindness
  6. Tell someone they're doing great if they're struggling!
  7. Create a list of kind things you will do in January 
  8. Help someone who is struggling with their work 
  9. Tutor someone or free 
  10. Help your parents around the house 
In December, I officially met my successor, 2017 Connecticut's Kid Governor Jessica Brocksom! We had a transition meeting at the Old State House where she and I had the chance to talk about my year and her upcoming term, our families talked about the Kid Governor experience, and our teachers met and talked. It was a fun meeting and I gave Jessica a tour of the Old State House!

Jessica and I with George Washington in the Senate!

Jessica and I fighting for the CKG sash! (joking, of course!) 

Jessica and I also made our first appearance together at the Electoral College meeting at the Capitol on December 19! We toured the Capitol, and then led the Pledge of Allegiance in the Senate Chamber. We then watched as Connecticut's electors cast their official votes for President and Vice President of the United States!
Jessica and me with Secretary of the State Merrill and Connecticut's electors

Jessica and me in the Senate just after the Electoral College meeting!

One more thing I want to say congrats to the 7 final candidates in this past year's Statewide Election for Connecticut's Kid Governor! You all had winning campaign platforms and I hope you will carry them out whether or not you won! 

Talk to you next month!
- Elena