Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Today is December Kindness Day!

Hi everybody!! Can you believe it's already December? This year has flown by!!

So this month I have a challenge for you!! Write down all of the kind acts that you do for the month of December! If you email me at CKGElena@kidgovernor.org you will get a shout-out in next months blog post!! Can we get ten shout-outs next month??!!!

Ok, on to the ten December Kindness Day suggestions!!
  1. Go to Toys R US and donate a toy to Toys for Tots!! 
  2. Adopt a family for the holidays!! 
  3. Bring your bus driver baked goods! (they always love them) 
  4. Take a minute and write a note telling someone why you're thankful for them!! 
  5. Make all your classmates holiday cards!! 
  6. Tell people how much you appreciate them!! 
  7. Donate hats, gloves, personal hygiene products, toys etc. to your local homeless shelter!! 
  8. Help raise awareness for the next CKG Jessica Brocksom's campaign!! (learn more HERE)
  9. Ask your teacher if they need any help!! 
  10. Do a surprise cleanup for your parents!! 
I want to give a shout out to all of the kids who made a marvelous attempt at being the 2017 Connecticut's Kid Governor by running in the Statewide Election! You can watch their videos HERE

Congratulations to the next Connecticut's Kid Governor, Jessica Brocksom! I got to meet Jessica at Connecticut's Old State House last week. You can learn about Jessica at CT.KidGovernor.org!

Jessica and me at the Old State House! 

Also, shout-outs to Abby Salmini, Mrs. Kiely,and Mr. Bosso!! Thanks for your emails this past month!

Talk to you guys next year😉!!

- Elena