Monday, July 11, 2016

July Kindness Day is Here!

Hey friends it's Elena again - can you believe it's already July?? This year has been going by so fast!

This month, I have 10 new suggested acts of kindness for you to do this Wednesday, July 13th:
  1. Your neighbors might need some help with jobs like mowing the lawn or walking the dog - ask them if they need any help!! 
  2. Setup a lemonade stand and give all the money you raise to a charity. Maybe you can give to Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer!!! 
  3. Make cards for your friends or family but put a twist on it!! Make a card full of things that you love about that person and put it in an envelope - you can do this a bunch of times and hand them out to your friends. 
  4. Go through your toys and give the ones that you really don't use anymore to a younger sibling or a friend's younger sibling!! 
  5. When you take out a library book, write a secret happy letter on a piece of paper and leave it inside the book - when someone takes that book out they will find a happy letter in the book!!
  6. Let someone go in front of you in line!! 
  7. Bake a yummy desert for a neighbor!!
  8. Fill a jar with candy, label it the "Kindness Jar," then give it to a family member or someone in your neighborhood.
  9. If you know someone who is sick, make a "get well soon" card for them. 
  10. If you have some books that you don't read anymore, donate them to your local library!! 
Those are my kindness suggestions for this month!! Which of them will you do? What other acts of kindness do you have in mind?? Be sure to share them with me at or post a comment below!

This month I have two shout-outs! One is to this amazing dog I met named Gizmo!! He is super awesome and kind!! 
Me with Gizmo at the Farmers Market at the Old State House in Hartford.
I also met Bessie the Cow at the Farmers Market!

Also shout-out to the Rotary Club of East Hartford for letting me speak about my campaign for kindness at their meeting!!

Photos from the East Hartford Rotary Meeting: me with the club's banner; me with President Glass, East Hartford Mayor Leclerc, and East Hartford Superintendent Quesnel; and me speaking to the club about my kindness platform. 

Be sure to email me the kindness acts you do this month at so I can give you a shout-out!! Talk to you in my next blogpost!! Be kind!!

- Elena