Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy June Kindness Day!

Hello friends! It's Elena here!! Can you believe it is June? School is out for most people this month!! But since today is Kindness Day here are this month's kindness suggestions!! 
  1. Volunteer during the summer - your local library, baseball league or other organization might need some help!! 
  2. Go through all your books and see which ones you need and do not need, and donate the ones you don't need to you local library!! 
  3. Go through all your toys, sell your unwanted toys at a yard sale, and give all the money to a fundraiser or charity!! 
  4. Get involved in our community by picking up the trash you see outside; make sure you have gloves and a parent or guardian with you!! By picking up trash you are being kind to the environment. 
  5. Send a card to your old teacher!! It always warms their hearts to hear from a previous student!! 
  6. Try to help your parents out as much as possible in the summer - I'm sure they will be in need of help!! 
  7. Send your friend a postcard!! I know it always refreshes my day when I get a handwritten letter in the mail from one of my friends!! 
  8. If you see someone has made a mess, clean it up to help them out; maybe they are having a rough day!! 
  9. Get together a group of friends and make cards for your local police or fire department! 
  10. Try and make ten people smile who seem like they are having a rough day!! 
What other ideas do you have? Share them in the "Comments" section below!!

Hands of Kindness left in my office by visitors to Connecticut's Old State House! 

I have two shout-outs this month!
  1. Thanks to twin sisters Chloe and Allie from Redding who sent me information about Ben's Bells, a group that is also promoting kindness! Check out the Ben's Bells website:!
  2. Last week I met Mr. Eric Liu from Seattle at a Town Hall Meeting event at Connecticut's Old State House called "Great Citizenship"! He talked about working together to make our towns and state better. Thank you Mr. Liu for being so interested and supportive of my campaign and governorship! You can watch a recording of the event HERE and listen to what both Mr. Liu and I had to say about kindness! 
Selfie with Mr. Liu at the Old State House Town Hall Meeting!

I hope you like my suggestions!! Please email me at and tell me all about which of these you did this month!! Talk to you guys soon bye!!

- Elena