Monday, May 9, 2016

This Friday, May 13th is Kindness Day!

Hello guys! It's Elena again - can you even believe it's May?? School is almost out!! Who is excited? I know I am!! 

But we still have to keep up our kind acts!! Kindness Day is just around the corner and this month I have ten suggestions and a few shout outs . My suggestions this month came from those of you who left me messages on the Hands for Kindness in my office at Connecticut's Old State House. Thanks for visiting my office !

  1. Donate food, money, or whatever you can to charities
  2. Smile to a stranger 
  3. Help the homeless 
  4. When you pass someone in the street say "hi" - it could make their day!! 
  5. Donate your old clothes to a shelter 
  6. Give your teacher a card saying "thank you" 
  7. Lend your help to someone is in need 
  8. Give your friend a compliment, hug, and high five 
  9. Give spare change to someone who needs it 
  10. Hold the door open for someone 
Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Please email me at and tell me all about which of these you did this month, or what other acts of kindness you're doing!! 

On to the shout outs!
  • A shout out to Julia and Tess from Hartford who made amazing sidewalk chalk art to spread messages of kindness. 
  • To Alison and Albert from Reynolds School- you got a buddy bench- YEAH!! 
  • To my uncle Chris for donating blood!!
  • Hi to Emily from my school- thanks for the kindness suggestions! 

Last week, my friends and I worked with Connecticut's Old State House to film my next video all about Buddy Benches!! Stay tuned for the upcoming video and learn how YOU can bring a Buddy Bench to your school or community playground!

Keep up the amazing work everyone and talk to you soon!!

- Elena