Friday, April 8, 2016

Are you ready for Kindness Day on April 13?!

Hello friends! It's Elena here!! Can you believe it is already April?? But since it's a new month kindness day is just around the corner!! Here are this month's kindness suggestions!!
  1. Volunteer - check your library or school, they are always in need of extra help 
  2. Make a "just because" card for a friend 
  3. Help a neighbor with their spring cleaning!!
  4. Fill a box of your old toys and send them to a shelter in need 
  5. Say "thank you for all you do" to 10 different people 
  6. Stop and listen to a friend who wants to be heard 
  7. Ask any teacher in your school if they need extra help 
  8. If you see someone has made a mess, just clean it up
  9. Get together a group of friends and make cards for your local police or fire department 
  10. Try and make 10 people smile who seem like they are having a rough day!! 

Sharing my campaign for kindness with members of my local East Hartford Police Department and Fire Department at the 2016 Hartford St. Patrick's Day Parade!

I hope you like my suggestions!! Please email me at and tell me all about which of these you did this month, or what other acts of kindness you're doing!! Talk to you soon - bye!! 

- Elena