Thursday, April 19, 2018

Congratulations, Mrs. Fellenstein!

A message from your friends at the Connecticut Public Affairs Network...

On April 13th, Mrs. Carol Fellenstein won the 2018 Excellence in Social Studies Education Award from the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies. The award highlights her passion for teaching through involving her students and school in historical inquiry, civic community engagement, and geographical expeditions. She is even working to create a brand new social studies curriculum for her district in East Hartford! Mrs. Fellenstein has been a participant and supporter of the Connecticut's Kid Governor program from the beginning. She was even our first Kid Governor's teacher. 2016 CTKG Elena had this message to share with her former fifth grade teacher, who she nicknamed "Frank."

Elena shares a tearful hug with her teacher, Mrs. Fellenstein in 2016 on the day when she was announced to be the first Connecticut's Kid Governor. 

Congratulations to my fifth grade teacher, Frank, for winning such an amazing award. If you don't know Mrs. Fellenstein then you are missing out. She is an amazing teacher who puts each and every one of her students in front of herself. She always makes sure that they walk out of the building with a smile on their face. She works hard to make sure that her students feel safe and loved. She works tirelessly everyday and deserves this award more than anybody I know!

Love you, Frank.