Thursday, January 7, 2016

January Kindness Day is right around the corner!

Hello friends! It's Elena again!

How well were you being kind in December? It is a new year with a fresh start so now you have the choice to be kind or you can be extra kind in the year of 2016! I hope you choose to be extra kind this month!!

This month I am going to give you ten suggestions on how to be extra kind, especially on Kindness Day, January 13th!

1. Play with someone you have never played with before
2. Hold a door open!
3. Help the librarian at your school with all those books that need to be shelved!!
4. Write a card to someone in your school or send it to a soldier overseas.
5. Write an acrostic poem about a person in your class.
6. Leave secret happy notes for your classmates or teacher.
7. Write a note of appreciation to your teacher or principal.
8. Sit with someone who is sitting alone on the bus.
9. Do one extra chore without being asked.
10. Bring a special treat to your local police or fire station!

This month I would like to know if you did any of these random acts of kindness - if you did, please email me at so I can give you a special shout out in my next blog post!

Have a fun month being extra kind!! Talk to you soon!!  

- Elena

Me during a recent visit to Connecticut's Old State House!