Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My amazing Summer Library Circuit!

Hi everyone, this week I will be telling you a little bit about my Summer Library Circuit!! During August, I visited five libraries across Connecticut to share my campaign for kindness and talking about Buddy Benches! Click on the name of each library below to see more photos from my Circuit!

First I went to the Hartford Public Library and I saw my good friend Gizmo the Therapy Dog!! I also got to meet a bunch of amazing kids and hear what they are doing to be kind!! 

Next I went to the Russell Library in Middletown where I got to meet the Mayor Daniel Drew - that was so cool!! There were also a bunch of kids, adults, and community organizations that came to learn about Buddy Benches and ask me questions. 
Me and Middletown Mayor Drew

Next I went to the New Haven Free Public Library where kids were bubbling to tell me all about what they are doing to be kind!! Some kids even wanted to be the next Connecticut's Kid Governor!! How cool is that??

Next stop: Farmington Public Library!! It was so much fun there - I got to meet a bunch of kids who were really interested in campaign kindness!! We got a bunch of kindness hands!  

Last stop was the Meriden Public Library where I got to meet some kids who really wanted to be Kid Governor and I was so exited to hear that!! I met some amazing kids in Meriden!!

Over all, 172 people came to learn about my campaign for kindness and Buddy Benches between the five libraries!! How amazing!!

That's all for this blog post friends! Remember to share your hand of kindness on social media using #HandsofKindness! Talk to you soon, bye!!

- Elena