Monday, March 28, 2016

Meeting Governor Dannel Malloy!!

Hey guys it's Elena again. I have something really cool to tell you about. The Governor came to my school on Friday, March 18! It was really awesome and we got to talk a lot about kindness.

My selfie with Governor Malloy!

It started with me giving him a tour of my school. Governor Malloy was super nice. I then gave a PowerPoint about my platform of kindness. Governor Malloy said he liked our hands for kindness! The Leadership Team at my school presented with me and was super excited to meet him. 

Showing Governor Malloy and Commissioner Wentzell around O'Connell!

We asked him so many questions. First we asked him "Who inspired you?"  He said his mother had a huge impact on his life. We asked" Have you met the president?" and he said that yes, he had lunch with him a couple weeks ago!! 

Asking Governor Malloy questions about being Governor and his career. 

Another person who came to my school with him was the Commissioner of Education Mrs. Dianna Wentzell, she was really nice too. Shout out to Mrs. Wentzell's son who was excited she had come to O'Connell! She said she was excited about my platform and spreading the message of kindness. 

I got to meet Commissioner of Education  Wentzell and talk about my platform of kindness!

At the end of the day, Governor Malloy even signed autographs for us, and I signed one for him! 

Governor Malloy's autograph!

Governor Malloy's visit was on a few news stations Friday night. Check out the news story from WFSB HERE!

I had so much fun on Friday!

Don't forget guys kindness day for April is just around the corner. I will be having another blog post for kindness day soon - talk to you later! Bye!!

- Elena