Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February Kindness Day is this Saturday!

Hi friends! How have you been!! I cannot believe it is already February! The thirteenth is just around the corner! So get ready to be extremely kind!! This month I have several shout outs to give and ten suggestions.

First the shout-out for kindness to people who wrote me: Abbie Miller, Mrs. Robinson, Ms. Finch's class, Aniya and Dr. Grande. Now lets do the suggestions.
  1. Help your parents with the groceries 
  2. Give a friend a hug if they are feeling down 
  3. Give 13 high fives 
  4. Walk your neighbor's dog
  5. Hold a door open for someone 
  6. Help a friend with their homework 
  7. Take the time out of your day to ask your friend how their day was
  8. Let someone go in front of you in line
  9. If your friend drops something pick it up for them 
  10. Ask your principal or vice principal if he/she needs any help with anything at all
Last week was my Inauguration at Connecticut's Old State House, a special event at the East Hartford Town Council Meeting, and a visit to the Capitol for Opening Day of the General Assembly. 

More thank you shout outs to: Secretary of the State Merrill, Senator Larson, Representative Rojas, Representative Currey, Representative Genga, Mayor Leclerc and Supreme Court Justice Eveleigh who all took time and came to my Inauguration!

Thank you to Mayor LeClerc for your gifts at the town meeting and for funding the Kid Governor's Office!!! That was very kind! 

Shout out to Senator Larson and the State Senate who were kind enough to recognize me and give me a state flag on Opening Day! That was fun! Shout out to Lieutenant Governor Wyman who was very kind to me and showed me around the Capital. Last a shout out to Representative Rojas who was kind and let me sit in his seat and see Governor Malloy speak! 

More shout outs this week go to Ms. Fellenstein, Mr. Weaver's class, O'Connell Elementary School, and all the people from East Hartford and beyond who came to my Inauguration to support me! 

Thank you all and remember to keep being kind and be yourself!

- Elena