Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Message from your Friends at Connecticut’s Old State House

Welcome to Kindness is Kool, the official blog of  Connecticut's Kid Governor Elena Tipton! This is a place where you and our first ever Kid Governor can share ideas about how kids can make our state better through Governor Elena’s Campaign for Kindness.

If you voted in the election, you know that Elena has a 3-point plan for Kindness. If this is new for you, you can learn about it in her campaign video and other places on the Connecticut’s Kid Governor website at

As Elena says in her first blog post below, the first point in her platform is to make the 13th of every month (including today) Kindness Day!

Your job is to check the blog every month, a couple of days before the 13th, to find Elena’s suggestions for kindness. You can email your own ideas to her at, and then take action on the 13th and encourage your friends and family to do the same! You can report back to the blog about what you did and what the results were by emailing your story to Elena or commenting on her posts.

Meanwhile, at Connecticut's Old State House, we’ll share some of your Kindness is Kool stories with our museum visitors in the Kid Governor’s Office and Civics Action Lab!